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Limited Edition Release

ROD CORDNER and friends: Live at Last


Identity (Cordner)
Eviction (Gallagher)
Man from God knows where (Russell)
Whole World Round (Janes & Stuart)
Our Gods//Music of Healing (Bronksy//Sands)
Long Haul (Cordner)
The Orchard (Cordner)
Earth of England (Cordner)
This Land (Cordner)
Tipperary Tinker (Trad)
Clare to here (McTell)
In the Forest (Lightfoot)
Jungle (Cordner)
Co. Down (trad)

Rod Cordner - Vocal & guitar
Sean Ellsworth-Hoffman - Fiddle & Backing vocals
Adam Carter - guitar & banjo

Thanks to: Johnny Cordner - Sleeve design/artwork; Photography - Dave West;
Editing - Richard Estemirovs; Mastering - Keith Irwin @ Woodhouse studios.
Special thanks to Julia Meek & WBOI 89 FM, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

2010 sees the release of
'To Be Continued...'
Rod Cordner's 12th studio album.
(Available from CDbaby)


Cordner shows that he is a master songwriter, adept at penning tunes in a number of different styles and these songs manage to make social comment without being preachy and express humour without compromising intelligence. More...
(Reviewed by Ewan Jones for Cross Rhythms)

'To be Continued' is an impressive addition to an already impressive back catalogue. Although the song 'Identity', as well as the eclectic mix of genres here might imply an identity crisis, this is actually no bad thing as the forays into jazz (Orchard 2), americana (Dan) a little blues (Little Light'), as well as the more folky 'Before the Gun' find Rod on top of his game, confident in exploring new territories and ably assisted by a top class group of musicians'. (Ciaran Dorris - Celtic music radio Glasgow)

I sat and listened to it mesmerized at the range and the variety of the music. This cd oozes maturity and quality and is a totally self indulgent journey from roots to the present day. Songs like IDENTITY & the JUNGLE jump out at you, then you listen to LITTLE LIGHT, and are transported to another plane and genre of music. THE ORCHARD leaves you stunned and the last track WORTH OF A SONG just leaves you speechless and wanting more. Definitely the best effort to date, with a lot of hidden musical extras. (Terry Ferdinand - Bishop Auckland, FM-Folk Radio)

Interesting new directions on this album..I enjoyed it. (Colum Sands, BBC Radio)

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Album Details

This collection of 10 self-penned songs is a little different from Rod's previous work and has something of a rootsy, americana, flavour to it. But still retains a lot of the Celtic edge. Lyrically the material is much more personal with something of a biographical slant, but in a very ambiguous and quirky way.

The project was recorded at 'In the shade' studio,C0.Armagh, N.Ireland and produced & engineered by John Giffin & Tom Watson. Both musicians themselves, who between them, play Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Saxophone & flute. -

Up & coming Irish jazz drummer James Anderson added percussion to the Project with a number of international guest musicians adding various touches on violin, mandolin, dobro & guitars.

Rodney Cordner - Vocals & Guitar.

Tom Watson - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar & Keyboards.

John Giffin - Saxaphone, Flute & Keyboards.

James Anderson - Drums, Percussion & Piano on track 6.

Courtnay Giffin - Vocal Duet on track 10.

Backing Vocals - Janet Dowd, Adele Ingram & Shelia Smyth.

Guest Musicians:

Acoustic Guitar - Jay Lapp, Trent Wagler & Jean-Pierre Rudolph.
Piano - Adien Haggarty.
Fiddle - Sean Hofman & Jan Lyttle.
Mandolin - Jay Lapp.
Dobro - Ulster Fry Cooder (Baird).

Recorded @ In the shade Studios, N.Ireland. Produced & Engineered by John Giffin & Tom Watson.
All songs by Rodney Cordner. Published by Otherhand Music.

Artwork & Graphic Design by Johnny Cordner. -

Tracks & Lyrics

Peter PAN 01
Before the GUN 03
Little LIGHT 04
Old DAN 07
Piece of WOOD 09
Worth of a SONG 10

Peter PAN 01

d/a/a//d/d/a/Em/d +2

Sing a song of nothing yesterday's gone.
Tomorrows not here yet it may never come.
Hi Ho Silver cowboy rides away.
Right here now is the place to stay.
Angels are light and that's why they fly.
We're so heavy we'd sooner cry.
So Laugh with the one who's laughing at you.
The more we laugh the less we're blue.


Little Peter Pan Hiding where it's safe.
The cat - I am, I'm not some kind'a Grace?
Some are smiths of song some craft a tune.
Or say it with words but silence lifts the gloom.

Got a bang on the ear many a time.
Done me no harm there was no child line.
Live a bit go travel away.
Stay at home die a little each day.
Remember the night the car caught fire.
Smoking & joking the smell was dire.
Give a man a fish He'll eat for a day.
Give him a rod; he'll drink his life away.

Ould one died out there in the field.
Last rite was given we played Maggie's reel.
Never met the Pilgrim though we shared the same show.
Left me cress fallen but I got the video.
I walked on your head one day in Berlin.
The jangle was loud one hell of a din.
I didn't kill you I'm not to blame.
I soiled your memory that's just the same.

When words stop life begins.
When words stop silence wins.
Put sound with words that is wicked.
When silence comes I can't stick it.
It's said, that a word began it all.
A bang from nothing spoke it all.
When words stop, things get clearer.
When words stop God is near.

Love the racket, love it loud.
Love the din of storm and crowd.
Love the thunder love its roar.
'cause I don't need to think no more.

You ask for a biography.
Ask away askings free.
Buy me a pint I'll sing a song.
Buy a few I'll sing the night long.
When travelling, moving, searching is done.
It's back to the place where dreaming begun.
The heap drops off then we see.
Each second is a moment of eternity.

Little Peter Pan Never grew up.
The cat he is he's not He's some pup. (he's the man, he's some pup)
Some smith a song or craft a tune.
Or say it with words but silence lifts the gloom.

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Am - G - Am - G - Am - G - F - E

Red hand took possession and never did let go.
The curse of Macha haunts us still, although we never know.
Echoes of Connelly and Carson in the street.
And neatly packaged headlines, keep stirring up the heat.

F - g - Am - (4) - f - g - Am

Chorus But it's alive, alive O.
I return, I come and I go.
But seldom such freedom I felt.
Than the day someone said you're a Celt.

Don't need DNA, to know just who you are.
You got it in the gut a better guide by far.
Can it be the guilt carried in the genes?
Can it be the triumph of an ill conceived scheme?

And what what is it,anyway?
An idea an notion at play.
I choose choose what I want to be.
Better than to face the real me.

Took pride in the image, image that I found.
Took awhile to see, see that I was bound.
Then it dawned on me one fine day.
Is there such thing as a Celt anyway.

But something is alive, alive O.
Can search for it high or search low.
Find it & never let go.
When I find it I'll let you know.

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Before the GUN 03

E - A - B7 - E - E - A - B7 - E +4

I remember fields of green whenever corn was gold.
I hid behind a hedge not wanting to grow old.
That was my wild west and my desert too.
And cattle in the field all part of my zoo.

Landscapes in childhood seemed so vast and wild.
Landscapes in later life were much more bleak and spoiled.
The orchard was my jungle, the stack of hay my hill.
A concrete jungle later on, had human beasts that kill.

A - E - B - E - A - E -B - A/E

Beautiful days larger than life.
Everything magic no sign of strife.
Beautiful days beautiful sun.
Beautiful life in the time before the gun.

When I first heard Hank put shivers up my spine.
Then along came Lonnie another lonesome whine.
Then Johnny, Liam & Ronnie whose voice cut like a knife.
But when I first heard Bobby that's what changed my life.

Headed away across the narrow.
Got'a make a fortune got 'a be free.
What was the choice Cowboy or troubadour.
No choice at all, I always knew the score.
In a world getting smaller no place left to hide.
A gradual lack of limits things began to slide.
Everyone is equal everybody wants a slice.
Someone's got 'a loose when they toss the dice.

Some, they seek for justice taking to the Gun.
Losing their humanity going on the run.
I listen to the preacher listened to the wise.
Hard to find your soul when you dehumanize.

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Little LIGHT 04

C - G# - C - C7 - F - G - C - G# - C - G - Am +2

I'm gazing out the window & all I see is grey.
Forgive all my ingratude embrace the newborn day.
I Want a place Of Being inside the hall of grace.
A little rest a place of inner space.

I know you're there to guide me deliver me to hope.
So take my hand & lead me your blessing helps me cope.
I want to do the right thing but do nothing at all.
In desperation I just seem to stall.

F - Fm - C - C7 - F - Fm - G - G7 - C - G# - C - G - Am

Never volunteered for sorrow I never looked for loss.
Just Mercy, grace & longing but not at any cost.
So let me say a thank you I do not curse the night.
Just burn a candle let in little light.

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Am - Am - Am - Em - Em - Am - F/G - Am +3

Power, greed & corruption is everywhere around.
Is it any wonder the world is upside down?
The hounds of hell are howling, & no one seems to care.
Anesthetised with decadence indifference everywhere.
You split in two the people, some put to the sword.
Some you bought with promises, some you just ignored.

Chorus: f - g - f - Em - Am - F/G - Am

We live in a jungle we don't think we do.
We think that we are civilised but we got that wrong to.

You sent some off on death ships, some forced down the pits.
You did it to your own kind, what hope is for the rest?
The engineers of malice are those who rule the day.
They serve a god of madness their genius gone astray.
Where hungers meet to eat each other in the night.
Some will take a stand and some will take to flight.

Why do men of plenty, still greedy seek more power?
They won't live more than 90 years, few even get that far.
You demonize the good men & make saints, of the bad.
You made the fool your puppet now that is really sad.

Got to leave this jungle its judgement day will come.
Find me that place of shelter & get the healing done.
That is where I'm going although I'm in no rush.
Sometimes I like this jungle still with all it shove & push.

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C - G - C - G - C/F - G - C

Thinking I do to much thinking.
Either that or drinkin'.
It puts my head astray.
Chilling need a bit more chillin.
Keep my mind from spinning about.
And drives those blues away.

F - AM/C - F - D

What's it about the stuff inside my head.
Where is it from all the crap I've bin fed.
It's got 'a go no place for it to stay... Here.

Listening is anybody Listening.
Thinking keeps me missing.
What I need to hear.
Let go we just got to let go.
Easy said than done though.
To kick away the fear.

Don't need - no institution.
That only leads to mind pollution.
What a heart needs is a real revolution... Of love.

Moving Like to keep on moving.
Wonder what I'm proving.
Is Life just a lark?
Driving got 'a stop just driving.
Forget about arriving.
Ang find a place to park.

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Old DAN 07

C/C/C/G G/G/G/C C/C/C7/F F/G/C/G/C

Dan I never knew you only got your picture gazing at me from the screen.
Dan I never knew you. What's the use of thinking, thinking 'bout what might have been.
Does it really matter is blood thicker than water? Or is it just a longing in the genes.
But Dan I never knew you only got your picture gazing at me from the screen.

Only got a story was anything but glory you jumped the line heading west of Abilene.
Say you shot a man there, somewhere in Louisiana wonder was it down by New Orleans.
And you left some good folk there and that is not a joke sir though some they say that you were mean.
But Dan I never knew you, never nothing to you, only got your picture on the screen.


And What about those feelings, wondered where they came from, thought perhaps from some old movie show.
Now I got your picture, saw your grave & knelt there. Is there anymore I need to known.

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ORCHARD 08 (Version 2)

In little bars & small cafes I sit to sort out what is real & what isn't.
Two hours to give it all & hit that high & 22 that's left to occupy.
I do remember you, you touched my soul. To fill me with a love to make me whole.
Love's the only gift what will remain endeavours of the mind are all in vain.
It's a long, long way from here to yonder whatever makes it so I often wonder.
I recall an orchard in another time the world was young & everything was fine.

I struggle to return to that orchard & I wonder was it ever there at all.
Returning like a child to the orchard to celebrate a time before the fall.

In moving trains & soaring planes I go within a world that's doesn't even know.
Life is a process not just some event. The planet isn't ours it's only lent.
These days I'm sold on hanging onto now & questions need less answers when you bow.
Sometimes I still ask why & that's a truth & long for the orchards of lost youth.

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Piece of WOOD 09

A /E / E/A / D-A /D /A-E / A /D-E /A

Made from the same piece of wood isn't that good.
Shaped from the same piece of clay is how it will stay.
From the beginning we all were the one.
Seek for the best & it will be done.
And you can only give love.
When you're made from the same piece of wood.

Part of the same piece of stone, never alone.
Hewn from the same piece of rock strong as a knot.
Hold on to faith the best is to come.
Love is eternal & only begun.
And we can only...

Cut from the same mighty tree who needs to be free.
Breathing life from the same living source.
We share the one course.
Hope is a promise you got to hold on.
Love is a gift above all that is strong.
And we can only give love...

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Worth of a SONG 10

A - E - E - A - C#m - D - E - A

No one is listening there's just a whole lot of noise.
Seems a waste of time to sing for these boys.
But what if I never, ever again sing the song.
What if it ends now tell me would that be so wrong?

Chorus: D - Fm - E - A

Forget about people sing the song for the sake of it's self.
A song has got worth if you got one you got real wealth.

Who knows if tomorrow, tomorrow ever may come.
Sing like you mean it sing it out sing it loud till it's done.
A song lasts forever sing & forget every care.
If you live in the song then you're truly aware.

A song can attract you, distract you or drive you insane.
Amuse you, confuse you, abuse you or stick in the brain.
It won't change the world but may change me & you.
So give it your best shot nothing to loose if you do.

I wonder what Woody or Leadbelly sounded like live.
When they opened their throat that must have been a surprise.
In the days before P.A.'s such a voice must have split glass.
But the songs that they left are songs that forever will last.

And so, that's the story up to this point in time.
Perhaps there is more if there's not, well that's just fine.
It's been said before & I still believe that it's true.
As Lenny once sang we're only just "Passing through".

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About Rod

Rodney Cordner has been around & on the road for over 2 decades & over this time has released 15 recordings on vinyl and CD's, made dozens of TV/radio appearances and has shared stages, TV & appeared with such artists as Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, Stocktons Wing, Luka Bloom, the Incredible String Band, Barry McGuire, Tommy Makem and Tommy Sands.


Rodney Cordner's song-writing is lyrically sharp
and steeped in social commentary. A talented songsmith he also possesses a manic sense of wickedly black humour... (IRISH MUSIC magazine)

Cordner's original songs deliver lyrical punches both swift and concise whether as social commentator or compassionate lyricist or on the hilarious "Fiddle Sticks"... (Folk Roots magazine)

Major events & venues:

Edinburgh Festival, Scotland.
Cornerstone Festival, USA.
The Fabrick, Hamburg, Germany.
Montreux Jazz festival, Switzerland.
The Mean Fiddler, London.
Greenbelt Arts Festival, England.
Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland.

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